Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My first (almost lifesize) sculpture

Well, to give myself more challenges and get away, at least temporarily, from some of the smaller things I make, I decided to try an almost "lifesize" figure. I plan to construct it in four pieces so I can get them all in the kiln which has size limits, of course. I also realize I can give myself room to "quit" at each of the first two stages, if I so choose by making it this way. The first top part has been constructed and is now drying. I am using paper clay from Axner which I love for many reasons, especially for a project like this. I now can contemplate and plan the remaining pieces, which might have a sea theme, I especially like the poem "Oceanus" by William Sharp 1855-1905---and may make silkscreens to decorate her dress along with other ocean imagery/text. Still in planning stage although I feel I reached a milestone getting her this far. She is tucked away behind toweling to dry. I am also inclined to make all four pieces and not fire them until all have been constructed/decorated with underglazes, etc. A true work in progress, here she is:
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