Saturday, February 13, 2010

More from February's efforts

I had fun with these, trying to get more text on my work, the tree vase was fun and I tried two different versions of the birch tree silkscreen, one all white, the other white and black. I had used this silkscreen way back and made three items, all sold. They are in the slideshow in this posting, black birch on turquoise background, in three seasons, fall summer and winter.
And needed to make more "catitude" vases since all that I have made have also sold. I am working on a platter with the tree and poem as well and will do a few more items/forms using that theme, but I have so many more ideas I want to try, I am energized again. In Wilmington, we rarely get snow, but we woke up this morning to this beautiful sight

More pictures can be seen here.
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