Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Concealment Idea that needs more work

There has been a place in my kitchen that has outlets with wires to phone/lamp, etc. For years this lovely majolica plate (no I didn't make it), has tried to hide the area.

Now I have a new potential fix, this ceramic screen which was designed to hide that area and provide illumination through the holes (I have a small lamp behind it). Unfortunately while decorating it broke and I had to mend it before final glazing and last firing. It has held together, but has some weak spots as a result. I may refine the idea a bit and create a new one. This lovely sheep was painted from one of my favorite photos taken in Ireland in 2001. I have always wanted to use it somewhere. I also used ceramic raised accents which you can see in the closeup, I love the shaggy sheep idea. Also decided to play around with a quotation that might help geet the message across. I like it for now, but will work on another one later I think.
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