Friday, July 27, 2007

The Blogging Rabbit Hole

I have been very lazy about posting these days.  As I have said before, I am so amazed at the beauty and quality of the blogs that I visit that it often takes me down the proverbial Looking Glass rabbit hole.  For example.  I had one Swedish blog I visited almost daily.  I could not understand a single word since it is in Swedish, but I loved the site anyway, just for the pictures.  I figured out where her links were and down the rabbit hole I went to discover even more delightful blogs each with more links to follow as I went deeper and deeper down the hole.  As you can see, many of them are now in my homepage content for quick daily reviews.  Here is a picture  of my Google homepage with all the tabs for favorite blogs. 

mygooglehomepagecropped  As you can see, I have one tab called "can'tunderstandaword" and that is where I keep all of these.  So to entice others in the freefall through the rabbit hole, here are some links to these delightful blogs, highlighting the things all of us seem to enjoy so much, beautiful interiors, gardens, sweet furry and wooly friends, creativity, etc.  I would never have had the access to these if it were not for the fabulous blogging community and the ability to find likeminded cyberspace travelers.  Enjoy:

Housemartinguldkantpalivet, An Angel at my Table, Spets och snor , Emma, Camillas Drommar, Lantliv i stan,

Annas hus, Clara's LinescapHemmapalandet , Hemmariket, Fridtid, Vita Ranunkler , LovingHulu,  and this lovely shop  in Norway (I think) Linnea's Hage (maybe Hage means house?) with so many beautiful things, antiques, etc, etc, and be sure to see the amazing shabby chic dollhouse here, it is so "perfect."

Well I will leave you now that I have enticed you to spend even more time than you do already chasing the "Inspiration Rabbit" down the hole, but I think you will be rewarded.  I just wish there were a Scandinavian Language translator tool that I could use --but I still can enjoy these sites (sights)!! I apologize to anyone if I have not been able to distinguish between Norweigan, Swedish, Danish blogs, but the language of beauty is the same and that is what has been communicated

I have created the following album slideshow of just a few of the delights you will find at these blogs:

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