Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Baaaack

Actually got back on the 5th of June but had a nasty head congestion/allergy thing which did not make me feel like posting, slept a lot to get my time changes in synch, also, had to load up all the 912 pictures and 17 video clips taken on the trip, see this link if you have the stamina, note that all the video clips are on the last page and there are some cute ones, especially of my friend Lynette being wooed by a silver faced, charming mime! Then another one of us navigating the narrow stone passageway down the 65 foot Glenfinnan Tower. OSHA wouldn't allow us to have such an opportunity here I am certain! Oh, and I forgot, if you find the right picture, and enlarge it, you will see what Scots wear under their kilt. I had taken a picture of what I thought were fine looking Scotsmen in kilts walking down the street in Glasgow and got more than I bargained for. Didn't ask, but I guess they figure we all want to know and flashed us anyway. I turned my head but managed to somehow (LOL) click the camera button so I did get the picture.

All that picture uploading took some time, then the garden needed some attention but DH had done a wonderful job of keeping everything watered, but the weeds!! So many lilies were in bloom, it was a joy to come home. But another stupid act of mine got me in real trouble. I was smart enough to wear gloves, but chose those nice soft cuddly Foxgloves to do some weeding and cleaning. Made the BIG mistake somewhere along the line of wiping my face with those soft gloves, I don't even really remember doing it, but now my face has a nasty case of poison oak! It hasn't gotten me anywhere near in the mood to blog about pleasant things. I did take pictures of the nasty rash, but they are too depressing to include in this post. I will share pictures of the nasty weeds though and encourage all of you not be as stupid as I was.

I must admit I don't post as often as I should, but I feel so inadequate as I go from blog to blog enjoying the tremendously talented entries I find. There are so many wonderful blogs I forget to update my own. I actually get lost in them some days. To me it is better than having magazines lined up at my mailbox, there are truly so many lovely people out there sharing their insights and lives and pointing to beauty and charm in all corners of the world.
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