Friday, June 02, 2017

SKETCHING designs and fonts using internal offset Fill Technique

Again experimenting with "no printer"  I have made this video to show you how designs, not just fonts, can be filled in and sketched with pens/markers.  At the end of the video I share what I believe the pros and cons of doing this in lieu of printing.  I do ask for your patience, still have not figured easy ways to edit.  Apologize for all the mouse movements too, I talk with my hands and apparently do same with mouse which is all over the place, need to work on that.  At the end, when discussing pros and cons, I mistakenly said something like if you like the cons (meant to say Pros!)

Now see the video where this "filled" veining is sketched onto wax paper painted with a thin coat of paint, one of the pros, it is easy to stick small pieces of material on the mat to work with than to print from your printer, this is where sketching and filling comes in handy.  

now for some still camera shots of  just some of results I have obtained

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